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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.

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This full-day experiential workshop teaches the Seven Principles that form the blueprint for ancient temples, empowering you to create your very own portal of subtle energy — wherever you live.

It's practical magic at its best.

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The principles at work in Stonehenge were used to create a temple in a garden, and more subtly, in a living room.

Sacred texts from Yucatan to southern India describe how temples were built as mirrors of the heavens so a person can be “transformed into a god, into a bright star.” They equally state that when a person interacts with such portals, they bring back knowledge from the Otherworld, and in turn become a repository of that knowledge. The Book Of What Lies in the Amdwat goes so far as to say that any sacred space built as a mirror of creative forces is like an insurance policy, “acting as a magical protector, in heaven and in earth, unfailingly and regularly and eternally.”

After two decades of researching ancient temples I discovered that they are indeed more than mere stones they are living entities. And although they may be over 12,000 years old, their underlying principles can be applied today to create a portal of subtle energy, whether you live in an apartment or an estate, and you don't even need large stones to achieve it.

In this packed workshop, taught around the world, you will learn the Seven Laws of Templemaking, which will teach you how to move veins of water and magnetic pathways of earth energy, the power of focused intent, the facets of sacred geometry, the purpose of orientation, the programming of stone and crystal, sacred measure, and the true Laws of Manifestation. Throughout the day, as a group, we will construct a temple from scratch, and each stage of energy build-up will be demonstrated by dowsing.

Within a few hours you will have discovered the foundation secrets behind the world’s most powerful sacred sites, and how to apply this practical magic in a room in your home, workplace or garden, even across an entire city.

And by the end of the day you will know what it means to be a true co-creator.

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Learn to attract and move earth energy; and the principles behind the Law of Correspondence.


Our age is shrouded in SDD: Spiritual Deficit Disorder — a lack of connection with the laws of nature that invisibly provide guidance in our daily lives. Consequently we are living increasingly divorced from the natural world, disconnected and rudderless. By contrast, our ancestors maintained their cultures, even whole civilizations in equilibrium for thousands of years. What was their secret?

In temples such as Stonehenge, the pyramids, Delphi, even Gothic Cathedrals, they harnessed subtle forces to create energy hotspots which open a portal of communication with all levels of reality. Having established this intimate relationship with spiritual forces, initiates lived purposefully, with a degree of control over their conscious life. In other words, they discovered the full power of the self and applied it.

Science now validates such subtle forces are present at sacred sites and that they have a profound effect on consciousness. This 'spiritual science' was a core teaching in ancient Mysteries schools, whose pupils coded its principles into the fabric of temples we admire today.

But here’s the best part: the Seven Principles of Templemaking do not necessarily require large areas or pieces of rock — you can create a portal that achieves similar effects subtly, regardless of where you live.

Having decoded this knowledge, my goal is to pass along this practical magic so you can empower yourself, by creating environments for illumination, meditation, communication, healing and transformation.

My dream is to create one million new places of power across the earth in this lifetime so that we can again link ourselves with the greatest temple of all, the invisible temple.

And in doing so, you discover who you truly are.

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Discover how each sacred geometry attracts specific qualities and enhances the power of a space.


The material covered in this workshop is unique, there is no one else in the world teaching this work in its entirety. Over one hundred and sixty Powerpoint slides are used to convey information clearly and graphically; a free pdf file is also offered for you to study the sacred geometry in the quiet of your home.

As we apply each of the Seven Principles of Templemaking throughout the day we shall assemble our own temporary portal using stones and crystals. At each point I shall demonstrate the build-up of subtle energies using dowsing, and how each level we add attracts more energy.

Many years of hands-on experience at hundreds of the world's most powerful sacred sites has helped me hone and simplify the procedures taught in ancient Mysteries schools without losing the impact of the information. Consequently, I have designed this full-day intensive workshop to incorporate a vast array of knowledge into a time-frame that accommodates a modern, busy schedule, and without any loss of quality.

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Learn about the properties of stone and crystal, and apply correct orientation in your sacred space.


• Ancient systems of knowledge spanning 12,000 years
• How to work with universal laws that engage and facilitate manifestation
• The history and purpose of sacred space
• How to attract pathways of water and magnetic energy, and how to anchor them.
• Correct application of stones and crystals, and how to program them.
• Purpose of orientation in sacred space
• Use of sacred geometry and its relative effects
• The true Law of Attraction.
• Sacred Measure
• The seven principles of sacred space.
• The Seven Laws Of Manifestation

Through an understanding of these mechanics you will be able to harness and apply timeless principles, wherever you live.

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These practical techniques can be applied in a yurt, a yoga studio, a garden — anywhere.

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Full-day, 9:30-5pm

PITTSBURGH, PA. August 20, 2016, 9:30 - 5pm. Pre-registration before August 15 ($50 discount). Register here

4 weeks before event: 80%; two weeks before event: 50%; less than two weeks, 0%.
Cancellation by the venue, 100% refund.

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