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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.

Looking to create a sacred space?
You’ve definitely come to the right person for help.

Twenty years of researching, visiting and experiencing sacred sites and ancient temples has taught me how to decipher these extraordinary places, to discover how they work and how the spiritual technology of sacred space can be harnessed in our modern life.

We live in a society that has become totally separated from its host environment and the problems that come from this disconnection are all too self-evident. By contrast, our predecessors figured out that to engage harmoniously with the earth and the cosmos was to invoke all the faculties of a library that exists to help you in every walk of life.

This is why I refer to sacred sites as ‘self-help’ centres: they really do generate environments where the communication cord between you and other levels of reality is very short, and the self-empowerment one gains from this is priceless.

For a number of years I have been hired as a consultant by many individuals around the world who want to create a different kind of environment for themselves, they want to establish a closer bond between themselves, their land, and the invisible realms. The reasons are varied: self-awareness, increased vitality, shamanism, and so forth. Sometimes these individuals are creating a business that benefits others, a healing centre, a yoga studio, a meditation space — even an actual temple.

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The owner of this new construction for a yoga and meditation centre wanted to establish a foundation on a sacred space to influence the energy and well-being of people in the building. Using a complex form of embedded sacred geometry, alignment and quartz crystals (a lot of them), the solution features a harmonious blend of ancient systems of knowledge that will be invisible to the eye when the building is finished.

On the flip side, I am also called upon to clear geopathic stress, dead energy, or simply cleanse the land of memory and past abuse and return its life force to a balanced state.

The results have been extraordinary and, most often, surprising.

Whether your plan is small or ambitious, I can assist you in most forms of creating sacred space or a portal of possibility where you live. I can travel anywhere in the world or, given enough information, I can work from home and supply you with diagrams and relevant information that you can implement yourself.

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This property came with a number of serious dysfunctional issues that manifested in the relationships of the people living there. Perhaps one of my hardest assignments, it required the moving of several earth energy lines (telluric currents), re-anchoring them, the relocation of an ancient tribal ceremonial site, and the building of an inconspicuous stone circle within a high income residential area. Result: harmony on the land, harmony in the household.

Part of this spiritual technology is dealt with in my DVD Templemaking, which itself is based on the material I teach in my all-day workshops by the same name.

The hourly rate for this work is a mere $95.

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No commission is too unusual. The Atlanta Crystal Bowl Choir asked me to amplify the sonic spectrum of their concert. By placing each of the 72 bowls in a geodetic matrix, not only did the sonic quality of the performance improve but people standing some distance away from the performance noted the increased potency of the sound.

If you are planning to create a portal of energy, a sacred space or a temple, feel free to contact me, and hopefully I can set you the correct path to achieve your creation.

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A property that required the removal of geopathic stress, the cleansing of telluric currents, and the rebuilding of a new geometric grid. Neighbours that had been at odds with each other suddenly became amicable, and boundaries were respected. Research revealed that an inter-tribal massacre had been committed on this site, and the trapped water retained this memory two hundred years after the event.

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A simple home temple in a rear garden. Your project can be as simple or as complex as you like, the laws of templemaking are the same.

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Freddy Silva teaching new willing infodels at Chichen Itza.