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And it behaves in a very interesting way.

According to popular belief the large earthen mounds — tumuli — are supposed to be burial sites. Except that of all those excavated, less than 30% actually yielded  human remains. The rest contained… nothing. Clearly they were built with another purpose in mind.

The above film shows a time-lapse sequence of energy measured at a particular mound at the Sanctuary in Wiltshire, England. It reveals how the mound generates an energy field like ripples, and how this field is defined by an invisible geometric matrix.

These mounds, which date as far back as 4500 BC, are known in folklore to be places of the faery realms, doorways to the Otherworld, and associated with altered levels of perception and dream states. Their cousins — the stone circles and dolmens — have already been proven beyond doubt to be repositories of earth energy. A number of peer-reviewed scientific experiments — notably the Dragon Project, the consciousness projects by Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, and the work of the late physicist John Burke — were able to measure the movements of electromagnetism at temples and other sacred sites, including one case where a magnetomer visualized this force spiralling into the Rollright stone circle.

What fascinated me was, could the mounds also be markers of such energy?

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Typical mound or tumulus, encircled by trees, as was the practice during Druidic times.

The idea to make visible the energy of a sacred mound or tumulus began when I was accompanied to one site with a colleague who'd developed a portable electronic device capable of measuring background frequency. As we walked towards the mound his meter rose and fell as though cutting through a series of ripples. Walking alngside, I picked up the very same peaks and troughs using a simple pair of copper dowsing rods. Clearly we were both picking up the same energy, but how could we define it on a visual level?

Since I lived within a short distance of a number of mounds in the vicinity of Avebury stone circle, I decided to pick out one that was less accessible to the public, and over the course of one year I marked and measured the energy of the mound. Indeed it did emanate from the centre like ripples in a pond. Marking the position of each ripple, I discovered that each one was ever so slightly elliptical: a deviation of two to four inches across a diameter of, say, sixty feet.

I returned every two weeks to see if these ripples were still present. Not only were they permanent, but they expanded, contracted, and changed polarity over the course of a year. The most notable observation was during a lunar eclipse, when all the ripples reduced to a minimal two and changed polarity from masculine (positive) to feminine (negative). Clearly the energy of the mound was not just terrestrial but it was also affected by lunar and solar extremes.

t has already been noted how these mounds are located along the earth’s electromagnetic pathways of energy, just like any temple. But the discovery that they also inhale and exhale energy demonstrates they are living, breathing organisms, as documented in folklore throughout the world.

It is scientifically known that alterations in the local electromagnetic field can influence the perception of the human body and can lead to changes in consciousness. For thousands of years it was considered normal behaviour to attend these sacred sites for healing, divination, fertility and childbirth, practices that were slowly outlawed over the past eight hundred years by emerging religious dogma. It stands to reason that anyone who feels out of synch with their environment ought to visit these sacred places and draw benefit from a natural, living energy that surround us, and anchored at these sacred sites.

More cost-effective than ten visits to the doctor.


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