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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.


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Sacred places and ancient temples were set up to mark the path of earth energies.

Avebury stone circle – at one time three stone circles – is one of the most studied repositories of earth energies. At the entrance, two strategically-placed monoliths mark the exact paths of both masculine and feminine telluric currents, which proceed towards the centre of the southeastern circle, originally marked by an obelisk.

The lines then roll over each other in a cosmic dance, exchanging positions by the time they meet at the north circle. Here they separate and exit through different dips along the earthen embankment.

Both lines were re-discovered in the 1960s, and later mapped by Broadhust and Miller, who found their crossing points met at hundreds of sacred sites along the south of Britain. The two lines became known as the Michael and Mary lines due to the disproportionate amount of post-Celtic churches built along them dedicated to St. Michael and St. Mary.

But while dowsing at one of their repositories, at St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, they encountered two more magnetic lines that would take them on an uncharted journey across Europe.

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Mont St. Michel, along with its nearby mirror St. Michael’s Mount, create a doorway into the English Channel. Both cathedrals were built on Neolithic sacred sites made by giants.

The two researchers found the entry point of these two previously unknown energy lines on a lonely outcrop of basalt off the coast of Ireland called Skellig Michael, atop which sits a hive of 2000-year old hermit's cells. Interestingly the lines meet at a Celtic cross erected by the monks.

Broadhurst and Miller followed the snaking paths and discovered the same behaviour as the Michael and Mary lines: that they intersect at dozens of ancient temples and those since built above them. They meet at mounds and dolmens; on the outcrop of St. Michael's Mount, itself built on a Neolithic site; then across the English Channel to its French equivalent, Mont St. Michel. The lines continue their journey through Europe, connecting Gothic cathedrals, pre-Christian churches, standing stones and stone circles and chambers. They cross the Mediterranean to gather at the temples of Dodogna, Delphi, several island temples off the Greek coast, and finally the hilltop temple city at Megiddo.

The two telluric currents became known as the Apollo and Athena. When seen from the air, their paths create a perfect straight alignment (a ley line), revealing the ancient art of deliberate alignment of temples according to the underlying energy that flows through the land.

Curiously, the alignment was originally received in a dream by a French archaeologist while staying on a sacred mount outside Athens. Like so many legends, the spirit of place reveals itself at such sacred sites to anyone whose antenna is open to other levels of reality. Such sites eventually became oracles in the ancient world.

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Skellig Michael. Start of the Apollo-Athena axis.

That the builders of these temples were aware of their craft is evidenced by the manner in which certain details were incorporated into the structure of each site. In stone circles, prominent stones inevitably hold the location of the magnetic lines: the tall, slender ones being masculine, the rounder ones being feminine.

Later, in temples such as the imposing Mont St. Michel, the clues were left by Masons in details that deviate from normal building practise. Sometimes the pilgrim will see an architecturally superfluous hole in the middle of a pillar — much like the holes in stone walls in Ireland that indicate the path of a fairy line. In the subterranean Lady Chapel of Mont St. Michel — one of its original structures — the feminine line passes along the chamber and into a semi-circular room with exceptional acoustic properties as though meant for chanting. An unusual octagonal-tile on the floor marks the meeting place of the sacred alchemy with the masculine energy line.

Other details throughout the building, such as carved dragons and green men spewing vegetation from their mouths, mark the paths of these wandering energies.

On a much simpler level are the tall sets of standing stones. These menhirs, which can stand as much as 10-feet tall, are spread just wide enough to have been touched by people of similar stature, making one wonder if the traditions associating the construction of these sites with giants are indeed true. Certainly the skeletons of such people were discovered in aptly named giant’s graves.

In the Presceli hills of Wales — the source for the Stonehenge bluestones — a pair of such menhirs each mark the paths of masculine and feminine magnetic lines. Standing between them, one can feel a spiral flow from pillar to pillar. Dowsing the stones reveals a flow of energy in six movements, forming an infinity symbol.

It is as though our predecessors left us charging stations scattered throughout the landscape to help us reconnect with the Source whenever we lose the plot.

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Pairs of standing stones often hold an energy charge that moves like an infinity symbol.

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