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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.

A meditation along the Egyptian temples with fifty-seven reflections from the Book of Coming Forth By Light.

A 72-minute meditational journey of self-reflection and wonder, featuring the music of Steven Halpern. Journey in the footsteps of the goddess to the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphynx and its monolithic ceremonial temple, Luxor, Edfu, Karnak, Philae, Kom Ombu, Abu Simbel, Dendera, and the temples of Hatshepsut, Abydos, and Dashur.

During this walk you will encounter fifty-seven reflections from the Egyptian ‘Book of Coming Forth By Light’, offering a candid opportunity to weigh your conduct in this life and examine the path of your soul.

This DVD can be enjoyed three ways: as a visual meditation of slow-motion footage with relaxing music; as a calming, ambient soundtrack while you work; or as a pilgrim’s journey, acquainting you with the very best treasures of this sacred land. Whichever you choose, this tranquilizing experience guarantees to calm any fast, beating heart, making this the first DVD where you are actively encouraged to close your eyes, in preparation for a journey to the temples of the Gods.

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The new DVD by Freddy Silva is described as a 'visual meditation along the Egyptian temples'. Yet it is so much more than that, it is also an aural meditation. Combining sensual footage of Egyptian temples with the sonic tapestries of pioneer sound healer and international recording artist Steven Halpern, Silva creates an audio/visual environment where your heartbeat slows to a trickle. The rush of the modern world is replaced by serenity, focus and peace.

The style of filmmaking not only makes you feel you are actually standing at the temples, but the sound puts you into a state of meditation and receptivity, which adheres to the original purpose of the buildings. All the major temples are covered, making this a treat for anyone who’s never set foot in Egypt. If you have, it makes a superb momento.

What is also original is the way the phrases from the Book of Coming Forth By Light have been interwoven throughout. Every sixty seconds, a self-reflective phrase allows you a chance to think about the choices you make in life, and to address them as you feel. And in keeping with the Egyptian notion of the resurrecting soul, Silva has created a surprise ending. So, this makes “Footsteps’ a self-healing tool, too. Five purposes for the price of one? That seems fair!

This DVD will most certainly make you want to close your eyes, but then it was designed to make you relax. And at the end of a frantic day or week, you will be thankful for it.

72 minutes
Older 4:3 ratio, displayed in letterbox format. DVD-R disc, Regions 1-5, NTSC format.   TERMS: All disks are quality checked during production. Refunds given only if disc is defective.

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