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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.


Book reviews

"It'll change your whole view of the universe." - Kindred Spirit magazine

"You have truly penetrated the phenomena to such a degree that the truth will ultimately come out. [The book] is definitive, brilliant, sensitive, and restrained; quite an accomplishment." - Barbara Hand Clow, bestselling author

"...looks and handles like a dream... the depth of his research is staggering in its complexity and scope... A compelling read" - George Bishop, Editor , The Circular

"This is the best research tomÈ, I think that I have read on any subject in my entire life, that's how impressed I am. A standing ovation!....I recommend the book highly to all kinds of researchers. -Barbara Lindquiist, author, editor, publisher, Mother Courage Press

"... your work in "Secrets" is unarguably magnificent, and if this tottering civilization holds together for a few more years, could easily prove to be a seminal linchpin in the history of the new new millennium." - Mace Mealer

Brilliantly researched and written. I don't know how you feel about this particular association but I consider it comparable to "Holy Blook Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. - James Kovic

"I just ordered my 4th copy, to replace the ones I've given away already! For me, the true value of Silva's meticulous scholarship lies well beyond the drama of information conspiracies(puzzling and amusing as they may be.) This book is a must for anyone involved in energy / lightwork, IMHO. If you've begun to discover our basic energetic connections to the Earth, simply looking at the pictures will affect your resonance... so many other bits of the information offered here are immediately relevant to the shifting frequencies around us - and connect sychronistically, on numerous levels, with ALL of the information (re)surfacing now to assist in humankind's evolutionary transition. Silva doesn't try to ram his own conclusions down the reader's throat - a refreshing approach that lets the information speak for itself. My 'advice'? Buy the book for yourself - show the pictures to everyone you know! There's a primal healing energy here that speaks to the subconscious Self in an ancient, timeless whisper of renewal " - Ric Kelly, San Francisco

"A masterwork! An excellent job of integrating so many different facets of this complex "mystery" and its relationships to other fields of study." - R.T. Randall

Were I ever to bump into one of my old science teachers and was asked to recommend a book on the subject [of crop circles] this would have to be it. Sometimes the difference between a great holiday and an average one is down to the local tour guide and the facilities on offer. You get the impression on reading Secrets in the Fields that Freddy Silva would make a great tour guide in the land of crop circles.

The thing I like most about the book is that it seems to be designed and written for those who are not necessarily familiar with the history, the complexities, and the countless theories and explanations that make the crop circle subject what it is - absolutely fascinating.

The history reads like a detective story, with Silva leaving no stone unturned in preparing the reader for what lies ahead. Hundreds of interviews, field trips, photographs and diagrams later, you are suddenly invited to take stock of what has thus far been presented, and what conclusions can now be drawn.

That's the difficult bit, because inevitably some of Silva;s interpretations and theories clash with that of so many others. So, who to believe? Personally, I would lean towards Silva, because the one thing he does brilliantly is to introduce ordinary people to its pages....

Silva says that the crop circles remind us that we are not egocentric, but cosmocentric. I just love that. And you will love this book. * * * * * STARS. Reviewed by Kate Miller, for UFO Magazine

"The result of Silva's research is a book that makes bold to grasp the mystery of the crop circles through the competing methods and worldviews of both science and mysticism. "Secrets of the Fields" is possibly the most comprehensive and graphically beautiful book yet written on the circles, providing the basic information needed to assess various approaches to understanding this complex phenomenon, and more. Extensively referenced, it has the best bibliography of any book on the subject now in print, a testament to Silva's ability to link seemingly disparate fields of inquiry. All of the controversial aspects of the phenomenon are covered in depth: reports of flying balls of light and UFOs; pathways of energy reported for centuries by dowsers ("ley-lines"); the relationship of crop circles to underground sources of water; and the remarkable consistency of many circles' geometric patterns with ancient number mysticism, the same principles of harmony and proportion used to build the Parthenon, Chartres cathedral and found throughout classical Islamic art. Silva also provides a fair overview of the research undertaken by scientists and their theories, including the work of researchers such as Terence Meaden who initially hypothesized all circles were caused by wind vortices. We learn how the nodes of plant stalks in crop circles are found to have been exploded by heat and pressure, and of the strange energetic qualities of circles that, shortly after appearing, can make electronic equipment malfunction, even stop harvesting combines straight in their tracks, only within the bounds of the circle. To Silva, there is a deep connection between authentic crop circles and music, as sustained tones reveal geometric patterns in standing water or iron filings atop a snare drum. His chapter "Acoustic Alchemy" is the most intriguing in the book. Most of all, Silva is to be credited for taking the risk of discussing the role of human consciousness in the phenomenon, as some circles have apparently appeared in response to questions from people." - Ed Conroy, development director at the Southwest School of Art & Craft.

"I must recommend this book. Do not let the controversy of said 'agriglyphs' influence your judgement. The proponent explanation is one of extra terrestrial intelligence whereas the skeptic ascribes the phenomona to human hoaxers, but to sit and debate with oneself or others clearly misses the point. These stigmas are unfortunate. Indeed, this book is unequivocally the most interesting and awing I've owned. It is not merely about "crop circles" and their stigmas. It is in its essence a spiritual book because the majority of it deals with the meanings, both factual and speculatory, of these phenomenons. Not stuffy, boring maxim type of spirituality but such that it is revealed through advanced (sacred) geometry, allusions to Human DNA, and references to our own primeval cultures. Any inclination to believe 'where they come from,' in whichever form, is not needed to be awe-struck and moved by this book... in fact, such a preoccupation is completely missing the point. Freddy Silva is not a charlatan nor does he present his material in such a way. The supposed complexity of any material is no excuse for a simple mind to deride it or its expositor. Ignorance never apologizes for the lack of effort involved." - Leo A Libby II, Germany


"This is a well researched, informational and fascinating book. Freddy Silva includes all the latest evidence and opinion from the multitude of view points currently in vogue. Rather than just a blanket regurgitation of single theories of hoaxes, alien intervention, or Gaia communicating - he includes a balanced selection of many examples of every kind of phenomenon, with evidence to match. There are excellent photos, drawings and illustrations and plenty of new data from all the parties seriously researching these extraordinary crop creations. He includes scientists as well as dowsers! Well worth a look if you would like to know the latest about this fascinating and awe inspiring subject. - Crispin, London

"Connecting messages. For anyone trying to figure out why our governments and the general media are suppressing information from the public , this book is a masterwork. Those in power will do all that they can to remain in power. Crop circles embody a form of communication as old as recorded history and more modern than our current level of science. The Barbury glyph and others will give us the insight to propel research for the next generation and beyond. Mr. Silva and his associates have done an extraordinary job of lifting the veil if ignorance. Easily a five star book! -JFG, St Charles, Illinois

"Required book for those interested in crop circles. While his investigations over the years have lead him to the conclusion that they are of supernatural origin he does not shy away from examining the issue of other possible causes and provides a strong argument for his position. The text is very thorough and provides one of the most extensive analyses of crop circles that I have ever read. Analysis of the history of crop circles is exhaustive as is the analysis of fraudulent crop circles one of the best jobs that I have ever come across in refuting the case for true crop circles being created by people. A detailed and fascinating read, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in crop circles. - Harold McFarland, Florida

"Great Writing, Scientific Inquiry in Secrets in the Fields. Freddy Silva is an entertaining and informative writer. His style is personal, and slightly humorous... Vitally interesting in the sort of way that makes you hunger to learn more. For entertainment value and scientific understanding of the reality of what the crop circles are saying to us you will find his book to be helpful and genuine. But, more important, this book gave me hope for humankind and the unseen beneficial force behind crop circles. - botanicallyurs, Austin, TX

"It's full of fullness" - Fabio Borziani, film maker

"bloody great job" - Duncan Roads, Editor, Nexus Magazine

"Very well researched, and quite convincing" - Jeff Volk, MACROmedia

"I have never felt the need to follow up the reading of a book with any correspondence no matter how profound the book, but you just pulled everything together... My husband bought it for me as a gift and he is now reading it, although I read so much out to him he wonders why he needs to bother!" - Madeline Richardson

"...a mindblower!!! Straight to the chase with all the juicy bits you could ask for" - Phillip Barnes

"Forget 'Signs', read Secrets in the Fields instead!" - Aleada Aine

"...a scientifically informative, and sensitive book on this very exciting, spiritual subject. I'm taking my time reading it and absorbing the enormity of the message." - anon

"... Secrets in the Fields is the most outstanding book I have ever read, and I'm only on page 117..." - J.E.

"I was not expecting what I got when I ordered Secrets in the Fields (although the pictures sure are kick-ass). I feel as though a squeegee has been taken to my third eye. Thank you." - Rob

"It's really much, much more than I'd expected... a very captivating read." - B. Cuthbertson

"It is the first in -depth look into the crop circle phenomonon and I have found it very interesting." - M. Ridlon

"My husband and I have found your book to be truly groundbreaking, informative with much coming from the heart. We have been telling everyone about it. Your insight into hoaxes as well provide a balanced view. Your research is much appreciated." - JD

"Thank you for writing your book "Secrets in the Fields". I think it's the most inspiring and well documented book I have read on this topic. It brings together all aspects of the phenomenon..." - Rieks Schreuder

"What a terrific read! I am just starting through it for the second time... I think Secrets in the Fields is a wonderful book, intriguing, well documented, having great continuity and (of course) the layout and design compliments the content of the text in a very professional way. Mostly though, it comes across as absolutely sincere." - Martha