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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.


Book reviews

" a must read for all who revere sacred sites.” - Barbara Hand Clow

"you have done me and the planet a great service collating and writing this - valuable information and analysis” New Dawn Magazine

"Twelve years ago I set out to learn as much as I could about the origins of humanity and the roots and development of spiritual practices. I read wonderful books by Graham Hancock, Adrian Gilbert, Sir Laurence Gardner, Robert Feather, Andrew Collins, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, and others. I bought a 42-lecture DVD course on Ancient Egypt and dashed home each evening eager to watch the next lecture. Those were good years, good books, and I felt fulfilled. BUT, Common Wealth contains the information I was looking for and more. Your research is comprehensive and thorough, you writing is clear and easy to understand while being expressive, poetic, emotional, thought-provoking, moving, and inspiring—a reading pleasure. The diagrams and beautiful photographs you included enhanced my comprehension and appreciation. You did, indeed, throw in everything but the kitchen sink and I am deeply grateful for your results.” N. Lawson

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"I was equally impressed with the information imparted and your diligent research as I was with Secrets in the Fields. Thank you for such a beautiful history you’ve presented of these sacred sites and connecting all the dots/pieces around the world, literally!!! I am sending the book on to my sisters and will be sharing this with others (so they can buy their own book!)” – L. Morse

"This book is simply awesome. I am reading it out loud to people. I had an incredible "moment" of recognition on the page where you describe the seven steps to wisdom and show the red granite columns at the Egyptian temple and describe how their energy works to cleanse and clear the devotee as they move from the profane to the sacred experience. I am also impressed by the work that obviously has gone into this holistic treatise on what it is we really have inherited from our "ancestors" and how the sacred places on this earth form an intelligible whole and conscious design for the benefit (and perhaps future!) of sentient beings here... a very impressive book that substantiates many things for me and helps me anchor myself in a reality that feels much more "real" than what history books or tourist brochures would tell us.” – A. Rafferty

"simply fantastic---I loved every chapter. It covered every topic that I've been studying for years. Congratulations on a tremendously important book! – J. Truckenbrodt

"My husband keeps telling me that your book is all he wants for Christmas.” – K. McGuire

"Stunning, inspired, and thoroughly researched; The Divine Blueprint is a masterpiece for those interested in the Earth's sacred places and the powers behind them. Highly recommended to read before planning your next sacred journey or building project.” — P. Sinclair