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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.

Sacred Space and the Healing Power of Resonance.

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A unique 2-hr slide presentation

The fabric of ancient temples and other sacred sites were designed  to create a unique space where the laws of nature were harnessed and amplified. This involved the strategic use of magnetism, sacred geometry and measure, even water.

But what science is now discovering is that these unique places also retain a lasting energetic fingerprint that is capable of transferring vital, living codes to people who interact with them — even when both are far away from each other.

In a bizarre twist, this spiritual technology has now been found to exist in genuine crop circles, whose images are used to transmit a healing code across time and space. 

What are these ancient secrets? How are can crop circles code water, and help the human body heal itself? How is this realted to radionics and resonance therapy? And how can this be applied practically in remote healing?

This evening you shall discover an ancient art and a radical, practical spiritual technology.

Based on material from the book Secrets In The Fields.

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