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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.

The 900-year secret of the Knights Templar.

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A unique 2-hr slide presentation

As secrets go, this one has been well kept!

Officially, the Knights Templar was created in 1118 after the Order took up residence on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. But what if, by then, the Templars were already active in another land two thousand miles to the west, and carrying out a covert exercise to create Europe’s first independent nation-state, where they established a kingdom within a kingdom?

Furthermore, in a town named for the daughter of Mary Magdalene, they placed the Grail and began the resurrection of a long banned initiation ritual. A clue comes from a knight wishing to join the Templars “to experience the joys of Paradise.”

Were the knights offering some kind of mystical revelation?

Based on material from his explosive book First Templar Nation, best-selling author Freddy Silva reveals a previously unknown chapter in the story of these enigmatic knights.

He explores the true meaning of the Grail, its location, the Templar’s secret initiation chambers, and evidence that the knights practiced an ancient ritual in which candidates were declared ‘risen from the dead’.

All this in the one place no one has ever thought to look.

Based on material from the book First Templar Nation

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