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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.

Megalithic temples and the quest for the Otherworld.

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A unique 2-hr slide presentation

From the Andes to Japan, from Persia to Scotland, new evidence reveals how ancient temples were designed for the most secret ritual of all, in which initiates were taken out-of-body, crossed into the Otherworld, and returned to their daily lives with greater control over the process of manifestation. The ritual was called a ‘living resurrection’ and its practitioners were described as ‘risen from the dead’.

This fresh insight reveals the true purpose behind anomalous chambers, such as the so-called ‘funerary temples’ of pharaohs Unas and Thutmosis, and why no one was ever buried in such buildings. It also re-appraises megalithic sites such as Saqsayhuaman, the ball court of Chichen Itza, and the function behind the curious  stone towers around Lake Titicaca.

Tonight, you will discover what ancient temples can really do for you. And to you. Because initiates of this refined art — such as Plato — each described their personal experience as the pinnacle of spiritual self-development. Find out why.

Based on material from the book The Lost Art of Resurrection.

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