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Ancient mysteries and alternative history by best-selling author Freddy Silva.

What the Ancients were up to:

Temples,Transformation, and theLocation ofParadise.

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A unique 2-hr slide presentation

Can temples transform ordinary humans into extraordinary beings?

Ancient texts describe sacred sites as living entities where people are 'transformed into gods, into bright stars'. Evidence shows how these places of power are indeed built at locations that are energetically different, and the forces at work inside stone circles, pyramids and other temples are capable of altering consciousness, leading to the transformation of the soul, mastery of the self and, ultimately, total self-empowerment.

To Persians and ancient Egyptians such temples were nothing less than windows into paradise.

In this groundbreaking presentation featuring over 100 images, best-selling author Freddy Silva will demonstrate how groups of initiates sharing a singular vision have been implementing this spiritual technology around the world since at least 15,000 BC.

Not only are temples repositories of an incredible ancient science, they also serve as an insurance policy for present times, to remind humans of the fact they too are gods.

Based on material from the book The Divine Blueprint

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